Street Team

Are you a blogger?  Do you love to help promote your fellow authors?  I have a Street Team and we are looking for some dedicated members.  I don't require that you promote me every single day, if you can promote once a week that is perfectly fine.

What I need help with:

  • Blog about my books.  Ways to do that is featuring my books on your blog, blogging about sales I might have going on, post reviews on your blog, blog about upcoming books, cover reveals, new book trailers...
  • Share my Facebook page.
  • Share my Twitter page.
  • Post reviews on Amazon, B&N, BAM, Kobo, PlayBooks, Goodreads.
  • Sharing promotional items in your area when I have a new release coming.

Benefits of being a Street Team member:

For being a Street Team member you are entitled to certain privileges, such as digital review copies for yourself (a review must be posted on one of the sale locations within 3 weeks of requesting the review copy), SWAG for your blog/facebook/twitter giveaways, SWAG that is available only to Street Team members...

To join, head over to the
Street Team group on Facebook -->HERE<--

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